Foxton Golf Club, SH1, Foxton  06 3638160

Join Us

Membership at Foxton Golf Club is not restricted.

You can join under the following memberships and enjoy year round Golf and numerous club competitions and prizes. This course is well maintained and the competition is very competitive.

We are the current holders of MWGA Trophies, the Glendinning Cup and Chamberlain Shield.

1. Full membership       $635  (Married Couple $1144)

2. New  membership     $432

3. Country membership $300

4. Junior membership     $155 under the age of 20 as of 31st Dec

5. 9 Hole membership    $350 (Married Couple $630)

6. 9 Hole New Member   $240

7. Daylight Saving            $430

8. Daylight Saving(9 hole) $238

Our members can't wait to meet you. Contact Us if you have any other query.